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February 15 2019

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March 07 2018

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What's this track called again? [sourcehttp://www.igniteanthems.com/
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February 06 2018


Space X Falcon Heavy Booster landings

February 02 2018

January 25 2018

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January 22 2018

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January 11 2018

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  Schnee in der Sahara

November 11 2017

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The Orient Express
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A Watermelon Carved Into An Interlocking Hanging Lantern
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November 10 2017

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As close as you will ever be to a nuclear explosion


No thank you.

The columns of smoke in the foreground are telephone poles boiling

This is way cooler to look at than it should be

Science side of Tumblr would like to add:

Heat is generally transmitted in 3 forms: conduction, convection, radiation.

The fact that the telephone poles and wires are boiling away well before the shockwave hits them indicates that the heat from the explosion has not reached them by convection (much slower than the speed of sound) or by conduction (at best, comparable to the speed of sound), but purely by radiation. In other words: the explosion is bright enough to boil everything.

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